Geocaching…first thoughts


Geocaching has a new fan! I downloaded the app from iTunes on Monday and have spent the last few days hunting for caches in places close to my home. For the uninitiated, Geocaching is a treasure hunt where you search for caches listed on the geochacing website using a GPS device – I use my iPhone but you can use any hand held GPS.

Once you find the cache (see picture above) you write you name and date on the log contained within it and carefully place it back in it’s hiding place. Some larger caches contain items which you can take as long as you leave something of equal or greater value.

Disused railway bridge over the River Mourne.

The great thing about Geochaching is that the caches are usually hidden in interesting and beautiful places. Today I visited a ruined castle and a disused railway bridge. Both places are with 10 miles of where I live but I had never set foot there before. Geocaching  gives you a reason to get out and about the countryside and can provide a bit of entertainment during a day out with the family.

My next step is to look at how this can be used in school.

What is Geocaching? from on Vimeo.