Mirroring iPad to IWB with Airserver

iPad, Windows laptop and Smartboard all in wonderful harmony!

I recently got my hands on a school provided iPad but without Apple TV and wifi I was forced to use a VGA cable to show my i Pad on the IWB however I found a solution in Airserver.


Airserver is an application that allows you to mirror your iPad to your IWB via a PC or Mac.


Even better it doesn’t require wifi as it can work with an Ad Hoc network set up on your PC.


In the picture I’m using my own laptop as the school laptops run Windows XP and Airserver needs Vista or later. The mirroring is happening over an Ad Hoc network as I don’t have wifi.


How to set it up:

1. Download Airserver on a free trial from their website.

2. You’ll be prompted to input your email address in the trial version. You need internet access for this. As I had none at school on my own laptop I set up a “Personal Network” on my iPhone and used it’s 3G connection to verify the install of Airserver.

3. Set up an Ad Hoc network on your laptop using this tutorial to help you

*IMPORTANT* The network must be “Open” i.e. no password or encryption.

3. Connect your PC and iPad to the Ad Hoc network

4. Double click the home button on your iPad and push the icons along the bottom to the right to reveal the airplay symbol.

5. Choose your laptop from the list and switch mirror on.


That’s it!


You are now free to walk around your room with you iPad displayed on your IWB.


This is a temporary fix until I get an Apple TV up and running but even though it’s a bit fiddly at times it beats being tethered by cable!



7 thoughts on “Mirroring iPad to IWB with Airserver

  1. I have been using airserver to connect my ipad wirelessly to my IWB since September. Excellent software and is very stable. A must for all teachers.

  2. Yep, I was very impressed with it today. How are you getting around c2k issues with this? As you can see, my solution is a little clunky!

  3. Hi Peter, I don’t think it’s possible to run Airserver on the C2k network. This is only a fix until I get Apple TV up and running which I’m told will work fine on the Meru network.

  4. Mine is currently connected via wifi using the schools old legacy network. Hopefully it will work with the new c2k meru routers.

  5. Have heard that Apple TV will not work on new C2K wireless…certainly not if you have more than about 8…has anyone else heard this? Apparently the continuous “multicasting” by the Apple TV uses up all the bandwidth. Anyone else heard this or tried more than one Apple TV?

  6. There is a problem with Apple TV on the C2k wireless network. Apparently there is a workaround but I haven’t heard any details yet 🙁

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